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What Downsizing Your Home Means and How a Professional Senior Move Manager Can Help

by | Oct 18, 2021 | Moving, Resources

Downsizing your home is the process of moving from a larger to a smaller space. For example, you might have lived in a large house in a suburban neighborhood and moved to a smaller condominium now that your kids have left the house.

However, it’s not just empty-nesters who are downsizing – you can downsize your living situation at any point in your life. And this trend is becoming more common! According to a Zillow report, in 2017 twelve percent of the overall home buyers between 45 and 64 years old were downsizing their homes. It also noted that 46 percent of the baby boomers in that range opted to downsize.

The Benefits of Downsizing Your Home

There are many benefits to downsizing your home. Larger houses are more expensive to maintain, have higher property taxes, larger utility bills, and overall maintenance costs.

And having more rooms in the house can also mean mindlessly filling unused space. Do you have a guest bedroom that spends 360 days of the year gathering dust? Or maybe you have an attic packed full of things you don’t need. Downsizing provides an opportunity to simplify your home to only the parts that you need and want.

How Can a Professional Senior Move Manager Help With Downsizing?

Are you sold on downsizing? You have made a great decision – but you might need some professional help!

You will need to pare down your belongings, as they will not fit comfortably in a new space. Downsizing generally requires sorting through things, large and small, and determining what you need, what you want, and what you actually will have the space for.

All of these aspects can be overwhelming, as downsizing is more than just a move. But that’s where professional Senior & Specialty Move Managers, such as Peace of Mind Transitions, can step in and help.

Professionals understand how difficult letting go can be and will be a compassionate and objective sounding board to help you make decisions. They will create a floor plan so you know exactly what will fit so that you can begin making decisions on what will go in and on those pieces of furniture.

They also bring a wealth of experience and connections to the process to help with selling, donating, and clearing out what you will not be taking with you. In addition, Senior & Specialty Move Managers will manage the entire process and reduce the stress of the transition.

Downsizing has many benefits and might increase your quality of life! To avoid the headaches involved in helping pare down your belongings, consider calling in the professional senior move managers at Peace of Mind Transitions to make your downsizing move as painless as possible.

For more information on downsizing and how professionals can ease the transition, consider listening to this recent podcast episode from Women’s Retirement Radio. Peace of Mind Transitions founder, Kaye Ginsberg, talks to Russ Thornton about helping people downsize, organize, and move. They discuss Kaye’s history and background, the kinds of services and support Peace of Mind Transitions offers, the challenges and joys that accompany downsizing and moving, and how Peace of Mind contributes to how people think about retirement.