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What Is A Senior Move Manager?

by | Aug 13, 2016 | Resources

Are you wondering what exactly a Senior Move Manager does? You are not alone. The New York Times recently published an excellent article that will give you a better understanding of the different ways a Senior Move Manager can simplify your life.

As the article states, moving is stressful at any age, but for those who have lived in one place for many years, getting rid of things that have accumulated over decades is a large barrier to overcome. It’s also a very emotional task, as it’s hard to quantify the attachment one has to certain possessions.

The article speaks to how senior move managers can help with the issues that come with downsizing, packing and unpacking, decluttering, organizing, and dealing with utility companies for connections and disconnections of services.

It goes on to explain that because senior move managers have a long list of contacts for specific tasks, they are a service that can be well worth their weight in gold, especially for adult children who don’t live near their parents or don’t have time to sort through their belongings.

Having trouble viewing the New York Times article? View it republished by the National Association of Senior Move Managers.